Our silky smooth spa deals

The finest spa programme for all the senses

Beneficial spa deals are the icing on the cake that we at the Lamm hotel would like to offer you for your holiday. If you want rest and relaxation then our spa deals are definitely just the right thing for you. Countless moments of relaxation, plenty of time to restore your inner balance and relaxing hours of chilling during spa treatments are the most important elements of our spa deals. Let us totally pamper you and enjoy the highlights of our different spa deals!

You can also book the following beauty deals to go with your package:

Beauty time for two
EUR 165.00
1 milk bath for two people
Prosecco and fruit platter in the chill-out room
One Alpicare full body massage per person

Rendezvous of the senses
EUR 249.00
1 rose blossom bath for 2 people
Prosecco and sweet temptations in the chill-out room
One four-handed Lomi Lomi Nui massage per person

The path to a strong back

EUR 229.00
1 juniper bath (abt 25 min)
1 Resonanz Dorsalis massage (abt 50 min.)
1 Alpine mud wrap bath & half body massage (abt 50 min)
1 combi massage (abt 50 min)

Purifying & firming
EUR 319.00
1 lymph stimulating massage (abt 50 min)
1 ÄGYPTOS wrap (abt 120 min)
1 Resonanz cellulite treatment including bath (abt 80 min)
1 Resonanz abdomen treatment (abt 50 min)

Time for you to indulge
EUR 269.00
1 marble peeling (abt 25 min)
1 milk bath (abt 25 min)
1 full EGO facial (abt 80 min)
1 pedicure with nail polish (abt 80 min)
1 Lomi Lomi Nui massage (ca. 50 min)

Purely a man's thing
EUR 219.00
1 Resonanz Dorsalis massage (abt 50 min)
1 mini PLIMA facial (abt 50 min)
1 hay peeling & 1 hay bath (abt 50 min)
1 mini pedicure (abt 50 min)

ÄGYPTOS energy wrap
This wrap consisting of cotton bandages contains active ingredients of water from the Dead Sea, which detoxify, firm, purify and tone skin. Love handles are reduced, cellulite is decreased and your figure is shaped.

1 wrap lasting 120 minutes   
2 wraps each lasting 120 minutes
3 wraps each lasting 120 minutes
EUR 120.00
EUR 225.00
EUR 325.00

ÄGYPTOS quick energy wrapapprox. 80 minutes
EUR 91.00
This wrap is the ideal complementary treatment when you are on a diet and it has a lasting effect. It firms the body but does not drain it and retains skin elasticity after weight loss. Cellulite is significantly reduced after several treatments, as are the stomach, upper thigh and bottom circumference measurements.

Beauty packages for two
We would ask that you book our beauty packages for two in advance as they can only be carried out on certain days of the week. If the massage is being done at the same time it takes approx. 1.5 hours, if the massages are being done one after the other they last approx. 2.5 hours. With the "Rendezvous of the senses" beauty package it is not possible to do the massage at the same time.
All the beauty package prices are plus room price.