The animals in our petting zoo

Trusting and sweet

Our petting zoo is a real highlight for young guests at the hotel. There are several animals here that will make children's eyes light up.

Cute dwarf goats, woolly sheep, fluffy rabbits, funny ducks, clucking chickens, affectionate cats and entertaining pot-bellied pigs live in our petting zoo right next to the riding stables

Aiko, our hotel dog, does not live in the petting zoo of course but it is a permanent fixture at the Lamm hotel and loves being stroked and going on long walks. Other animal residents are our horses, which children can get to know during a riding lesson and which are very popular. 

Convince your children that a holiday in Tubre in Val Monastero/Taufers im Münstertal is simply brilliant – as soon as you mention the petting zoo, riding stables, playground and playroom they'll all be enthusiastic!