The Lamm nature & activity hotel has a long tradition

Insight into the hotel's history

The history of the Lamm nature & activity hotel goes back to 1931, when Alois Steiner, the grandfather of the host Andreas Steiner, purchased the former restaurant and extended the attic to accommodate guest rooms, laying the foundation for the Lamm hotel.

In 1963 Alois handed over the business to his son Heinrich Steiner, who expanded and modernised it over the next two years. The result was the first indoor pool with sauna in Val Venosta/Vinschgau at the Lamm hotel as well as today's dining room with panoramic view over the Val Monastero/Münstertal. 

In 1982 the Lamm hotel's original building was demolished and rebuilt. A great deal more renovation and modernisation work took place over the following decades.

In 2004 the host Andreas Steiner took over his parent's business and modernised it a year later. The oldest rooms, the reception and lounge were renovated, the "VitaLamm" sauna complex was built and the 3-star Lamm hotel became the 3-star S Lamm nature & activity hotel. 

Hotel Lamm
Hotel Lamm

In 2006, a riding ground was built, seven horses make animal lovers go all misty eyed

in 2007 the beauty area on the 2nd floor was added, which provides a wonderful view over Val Venosta/Vinschgau and the hotel received its fourth star. 

In 2009 the roof of the Lamm nature & activity hotel was fitted with photovoltaic panels

in 2011 the neighbouring house was purchased

resulting in new access to the car park, the riding arena, sunbathing lawn and relaxing area in 2012, the children's playground was expanded and redesigned.

Which is how today's Lamm nature & activity hotel gradually came about – a holiday home for guests who want to spend an idyllic holiday outdoors in nature far away from the hustle and bustle and mass tourism.