Beauty and wellness at the Lamm hotel

Let yourself be pampered!

Beauty and wellness are two important elements that should not be missing on your holiday in South Tyrol. With our beauty treatments our beauty experts Sarah and Sina ensure that you can enjoy beauty and wellness to the full at the Lamm hotel.

Beauty & wellness for the face

Eyebrow shapingapprox. 20 minutesEUR 17.00
Eyebrow tintapprox. 15 minutesEUR 15.00
Eyelash tintapprox. 20 minutesEUR 17.00
Package (eyebrow shape, eyelash and eyebrow tint) approx. 45 minutesEUR 40.00
Day make-upapprox. 25 minutesEUR 25.00
Evening make-upapprox. 50 minutesEUR 36.00
Beauty & wellness for the hands
Manicure (nail trim and file, cuticle removal, hand cream applied)approx. 25 minutesEUR 29.00
Manicure with nail polishapprox. 50 minutesEUR 34.00
Manicure with French nail polishapprox. 50 minutesEUR 37.00
Manicure with Shellac*approx. 80 minutesEUR 44.00
Manicure with French Shellac*approx. 80 minutesEUR 47.00
Peeling, wrap and massageapprox. 25 minutesEUR 29.00
Removal of Shellac* or gelapprox. 25 minutesEUR 14.00
Beauty & wellness for the feet
Pedicure (foot spa, hard skin removal, nail trim and file, cuticle removal, foot cream applied)approx. 50 minutes39,00 Euro
Full pedicure (special pedicure for people with corns or ingrowing toe nails – no nail polish)approx. 80 minutes52,00 Euro
Pedicure with nail polish approx. 80 minutes50,00 Euro
Pedicure with French nail polishapprox. 80 minutes52,00 Euro
Pedicure with French gelapprox. 80 minutes55,00 Euro
Pedicure with Shellac*approx. 80 minutes52,00 Euro
Pedicure with French Shellac*approx. 80 minutes55,00 Euro
Peeling, wrap and massageapprox. 25 minutes29,00 Euro
Removal of Shellac* or gelapprox. 25minutes14,00 Euro

*Shellac nail polish is fast drying, scratch-resistant and lasts 14 days without chipping.

Hairless times

Hair removal
Half legapprox. 25 minutesEUR 27.00
Full-legapprox. 40 minutesEUR 42.00
Bikini areaapprox. 25 minutesEUR 27.00
Chest & stomachapprox. 25 minutesEUR 27.00
Backapprox. 25 minutesEUR 27.00
Underarmsapprox. 15 minutesEUR 14.00
Chinapprox. 10 minutesEUR 9.00
Upper lipapprox. 10 minutesEUR 9.00

General information

Arranging an appointment
We recommend that you arrange the appointments for the treatments you want at the time of booking or on the first day of your holiday.

So that you can enjoy your beauty treatments to the full we ask you to arrive at the beauty salon on the 2nd floor a few minutes before your appointment. If you arrive late we will have to shorten the length of the treatment and charge the full price.

We ask you to cancel your beauty treatments at least 24 hours before the appointment. Otherwise we have to charge you 80% of the price.

If you suffer from any allergies, intolerances or health problems or if you are pregnant we ask you to tell us about this when you arrange your appointment. None of our beauty treatments are of a therapeutic nature.

Rest period
The length of the beauty treatments is stated including the planned rest period afterwards.

Beauty vouchers
Our beauty vouchers are only valid for the recipient and are not transferable. The value of the voucher also cannot be paid out in cash. The voucher also cannot be redeemed for cosmetics products.

The range of beauty treatments is wide and you have a large selection of treatments in the Beauty & Wellness area – you are sure to find the right feel-good treatment for you!