Beauty during pregnancy and for teens

Relaxation for mums-to-be and youngsters

Looking after your own beauty during pregnancy, produces all-round wellbeing and relaxes the body and mind before the intensive experience of birth and looking after your child. Beauty is also becoming more and more important for teens and young people are increasingly taking care of their appearance, style and beauty.

For beauty during pregnancy and for teens we have therefore put together a very special offer that meets and takes their specific needs into account and is individually tailored to the requests of pregnant women and teens.

Wellness for pregnant women
Relaxing lavender bathapprox. 25 minutes EUR 36.00
Mini or full facialapprox. 50 minutes /approx. 80 minutesEUR 53.00/EUR 77.00
Diuretic, lymph stimulating massage (from the 3rd month of pregnancy)approx. 25 minutes /approx. 50 minutesEUR 37.00/EUR 56.00
Manicure without nail polishapprox. 25 minutes EUR 29.00
Pedicure without nail polishapprox. 25 minutes EUR 39.00
Face, neck and head massageapprox. 25 minutes EUR 35.00
Beauty for teenagers
Young skin needs special nourishing care. Our facial includes cleansing, peeling, deep pore cleansing, mask and face cream.
approx. 50 minutesEUR 42.00
Gentle massage
Tension due to incorrect posture and not enough activity is released using high quality oils and slight pressure.
approx. 25 minutesEUR 25.00
Mini pedicure
Teenager's feet are pampered with a short foot spa, shaping and filing of toe nails, a short foot massage and the application of nail polish.
approx. 25 minutesEUR 28.00
Mini manicure
With this hand treatment for teenagers, the nails are shaped, cuticle is removed and nail polish is applied.
approx. 25 minutesEUR 25.00
Natural make-up for teenagers to suit their personality.
approx. 25 minutesEUR 25.00

Enjoy the pleasant care, be pampered in terms of wellness & beauty during pregnancy and treat your teenager to one of the treatments above.