An unforgettable R&R holiday

Relaxing, exciting & indulgent

A relaxing holiday at the Lamm nature & activity hotel becomes a really chilled out experience thanks to our sauna complex. On cold autumn or winter days in particular, the heat of our saunas does you a world of good and produces a deep feeling of relaxation.

Sauna room
With a temperature of 90 °C you relax and enjoy the subtle fragrance of wood and soothing heat. A visit to the sauna room helps to purify the body and has a positive effect on the skin and respiratory tract.

Herbal sauna 
With a temperature of just 60 °C and higher humidity, sweating is particularly pleasant and relaxing here. The herbal infusions have a calming effect and stimulate the metabolism.

Turkish steam bath
The temperature is 45 °C, the humidity is high, as a result you sweat extremely intensively, purifying your body and relaxing the muscles.

Infrared cabin
This alternative to the sauna does not warm up the body through the air but using infrared radiation which hits the body producing deep heat and total relaxation.

Kneipp treading pools
You wade through this pool like a stork, lifting your legs completely out of the water with each step. Kneipp courses stimulate the circulation and metabolism, strengthen the immune system and cardiovascular system.

Outdoor terraces
The two terraces that you can reach directly from the sauna area are for cooling down after you have visited our sauna complex. Take a deep breath and enjoy the view of the mountains!

Chill-out room
A break is called for after you have visited the sauna complex. In our chill-out room, which extends over two floors and has cosy water beds on the top floor, you can enjoy the view and your R&R holiday to the full.